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We're so glad you stopped by our humble page for the Society for the Advancement of Local Arts and Literature. Please have a look around and consider joining. 

Mission Statement for SALAL (Society for the Advancement of Local Arts and Literature)

At SALAL, our paramount mission is to preserve, promote, and celebrate the rich diversity of local arts and literature by fostering community engagement, mentorship, and heightened awareness. We firmly believe in the value of individuality and creativity, and we actively challenge the homogenization of arts and entertainment.

We recognize and appreciate the unique regional variations in style and culture that give rise to distinct and authentic art forms. Our aim is to shine a spotlight on these art forms, supporting and cultivating the talent within our local communities.

We acknowledge that the onus of nurturing and sustaining exceptional culture falls primarily upon community leadership, as the general population often lacks the necessary resources and time. With this in mind, we pledge to take responsibility and serve as dedicated champions of local arts and literature, ensuring that our communities continue to thrive and inspire future generations.

Alexa Young, CA

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